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Allow me to introduce myself.


My name is Will Lourcey, and my mission is to travel. I’m a history, geography, and transportation buff with a passion for writing. I am soon on the way to become a master traveler, and with my journey in its beginning stages, I thought, why not tell the world and document my voyages?

First things first, let me explain who I am. I’m a guy who’s done some traveling, but I have so many more itineraries, journeys, and ideas for traveling planned, I knew I needed to share them with the world. I want to log where I go, who I meet, while recording past, present, and future adventures. I know that I can use my ideas and voice to inspire and mobilize people to cross the globe on their own odysseys. And it’s always best to do it at the start.

But starting on what, you may ask? Well, for many years now I have been enthralled by the tales of countless people, including my all-time favorite travel book, 1000 Places to See Before You Die, by Patricia Schultz. As a young man Schultz’s guide was an epiphany, a turning point. It was not a strict, you-have-to-see-one-specific-thing guide, but rather, an encouraging, open-ended guide sparking curiosity in a broad range of destinations. I recently met Schultz and was once again inspired to talk about and set off on my own trailblazing endeavors. This fluidity inspires me on my trips around the globe, and my primary goal is to conquer all one thousand items in the book. Now of course, there will be other sights to see outside of the text I’m sure, but I would like to use Schultz’s wonderful text as a framework to research many of my travels.

So that brings me here, to this website that I will use to discuss what is incredible, what’s good, what’s mediocre, and every once in a while, what any traveler should avoid like the bubonic plague. I have embarked on a mission to see the sights, embrace the culture, savor the often overlooked history, meet the people, and most of all, chart the planet, from hidden ruins in San Francisco to the twilight skies over Sydney Harbour.

Welcome to will .

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