Operation Cassowary Journey Overview

The following is the overview for one of my more recent ventures. This operation commenced in the summer of 2017, but is still relevant… and highly recommended.


Last summer, I had an ideal opportunity to visit my first foreign continent: Australia… Oceania… I don’t really know. Scientists classifying part of the South Pacific as “Zealandia” messes me up. But it’s a different continent, so of course I was going to take it up. This was the guided tour known as “Seven Wonders of Australia” under Rustic Pathways, a half tourism and half community service outfitter that serves many countries. I knew I had to take a chance and do Australia, so I did.

I’ll be posting day-by-day entries of my experience about the duration of my trip in Australia, a two week endeavor (pun intended for Captain Cook fans) that brought me to the diverse landscapes of the land down under. For anyone wondering where I went, here is the basic route info:

Cairns, springboard into the reef, the one-of-a-kind Daintree Rainforest, the stretch of wilderness between Alice Springs and the monolith of Uluru, and to counter the overload of natural splendor, the incomparable metropolis of Sydney and its environs.

In this voyage I would be accomplishing four of the 1000 Places objectives, and I enjoyed some of the… unorthodox food choices as well as pump some adrenaline. I highly recommend visiting these places; there’s intrigue for anyone. Nature fans will appreciate just about everything. City explorers cannot overlook Sydney. Adventurers will love to jump, climb, and sail around the country. Historians will get a rather unexpected kick out of this trip. Even though it’s all adventure and outdoors, there is much to appreciate about this route. Trace James Cook’s sailings, examine the Aboriginal history of the Red Center, and contemplate how British relations with this fragile island made this place both the most British- and absolutely non-British- place I have ever seen.


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