Operation Cloak and Dagger Journey Overview

For those of you who don’t know, “Cloak and Dagger” is a 1984 thriller movie about a young kid running from a bunch of evil spies with a secret microchip inside of a video game cartridge. It’s a film well-loved by tons of kids who saw it during the time period (though there is a troublesome amount of death and homicide in it). There’s action, suspense, and a young kid running through his town while people are trying to murder him in cold blood. Now, this may seem like a random connection at first, but “Cloak and Dagger” was filmed in San Antonio, Texas. Anyone not familiar with this place should know that it’s famous for the Alamo, a pivotal standoff point, and the River Walk, a large set of canals lined with shops, restaurants, and boats.

Back on the subject, I watched this film when I was little and visited San Antonio for the first time. One of the biggest scenes of the film takes place at the River Walk, and it’s where the protagonist is on a river barge with a pair of creepy seniors in the middle of the canal. I haven’t found it online since, but I know it exists and I know they filmed there. So in honor of the early eighties’ classic, I have named this operation after it. Because the main objective of this journey is the revisit the “River Walk” entry of the 1000 Places To See Before You Die in San Antonio, and we would be staying in close proximity, it seemed a fitting name. I hoped I would have a great time in San Antonio, and hopefully not run into nefarious finger-lacking seniors.

I was in town on business for a bit, but on the side I wanted to explore parts of San Antonio I haven’t seen. I’ve visited San Antonio twice before, once with my family, and once with a school tour. I don’t recall the River Walk visit of the first one well and the second one we didn’t see the River Walk itself at all, and I was reluctant to mark it off of my list until I had another good, thorough look into it before giving my little review. So this trip was a great opportunity to explore the San Antonio I hadn’t seen before. I would have two nights in the city, both in downtown, and to add another cultural layer to the experience, we would be here during the San Antonio Fiesta, an eleven-day festival celebrating the Alamo City’s vast heritage.


Over the course of Operation Cloak and Dagger, I would encounter historic missions, colonial remnants, tranquil waterways, incredible Mexican dishes, and walk among inspiring views in one of the American South’s most important and intriguing cities.

Embark on Operation Cloak and Dagger and watch Will Travel to San Antonio.


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