Operation Aqueduct Journey Overview

Welcome back to WillTravel, everybody. I am aware it’s been awhile, but I’ve been busy doing lots of research and work for my next trip. And the newest posts, coming out soon, will be documenting my first trip to Europe… specifically, to the South of France. Through the great organization, Fort Worth Sister Cities, I will be representing the city of Fort Worth, Texas, as it embarks on its inaugural voyage to its new sister city of Nîmes, in the South of France.

Nîmes is technically in the French administrative area of Languedoc-Roussillon, but at its core, the culture of this city is tied to Provence, a nearby region famed for its wholesome cooking, village culture, windy weather, and preservation of classic French lifestyles. Nîmes is most famous perhaps for its preserved Roman ruins, some of the best in the world. One guidebook said that France’s ruins are better than those found in Italy. Nîmes is renowned for its Arena, a huge Roman temple in the middle of one of its squares, as well as other preserved monuments to Rome. The Pont Du Gard, a three-tiered aqueduct epitomizing Rome’s mastery of architecture, is found mere miles from the city limits.

Indeed, this underrated city will be a treasure trove of exploration. I will be staying with a host family, which I am excited to meet. I’ll be traveling with a group of local kids from Texas, and that will only enhance the experience. Possible side trips that I’m most looking forwards to may include the Camargue, one of Europe’s most important wetlands and marshes, and Avignon, the medieval walled city known for its days when Popes fled Rome and set up a base here. These two locations are features in the 1000 Places book, and I am intrigued to see these as well as a couple of neat day trips to unknown locations.

With everything ready and secured at home, I prepare to embark on my next operation. Brace yourselves and watch WillTravel to the fantastic South of France.

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