WillTravel- The Location List

Now that I’ve had the chance to visit several locations, I’ve decided to begin work on a list chronicling my quest to see all 1,000 Places to See Before You Die entries. One thousand is a large number, and to organize my lifelong journey, I’m setting out to document the order of visiting these places. Starting now, I’m listing them all out and constantly updating. It will work in sequence by order of publication. For instance, even though I went to New York City before I went to San Francisco, assuming I wrote about San Francisco earlier, it would appear earlier on the list than New York City. If (hopefully when) I visit San Francisco a second time, I can still write about it, however I don’t need to add it a second time. Another note must be said for another part of the book; sometimes entries include two or more things. For example, one entry says, “The Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea.” I’ve snorkeled the Reef, but not the Coral Sea. As a result, partially completed entries will go into a different section, and when the other portion is completed, the whole entry will be compounded and added to the list. I suppose that means half of an entry may have to wait a long time to be officially added, but one day it will be done.

Made it through the confusing rules? Here it is, the big list! Check regularly to see how close I am to the big goal!

Will’s Progress To See All 1,000 Places

Current Progress:   5/1000    0.5%

  1. Cape Tribulation, Australia 5/5
  2. River Walk, Texas, USA 4/5
  3. The Camargue, France 4/5
  4. The Dallas Arts District, Texas, USA 4/5
  5. Paris, France 4/5
  6. Chichen Itza, Mexico, 5/5

Partially Completed Entries:

  • The Great Barrier Reef 5/5


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