Operation Big D Overview

Welcome back to Will Travel! Today I’m going to go over one of my more recent jaunts across the US. A few days back I had half a day to spend in Dallas, the second-largest city in the state of Texas. This is a city that has experienced a lot in its time, from oil, railroads, one of the country’s largest airports, an ebola outbreak, and even the infamous November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Dallas is a city built on oil derricks, but nowadays people flock to the city not just for the oil being pumped out of the ground, but rather for the oil on canvasses that were painted by the world’s greatest painters.

On the stairway overlooking the lobby of the Dallas Museum of Art.

You see, since 1978 a 19-block district near downtown became dedicated to the preservation of fine art, and over time many architects designed galleries, opera houses, and museums here, turning it into a cultural enclave. Today, you can visit downtown Dallas and see spectacular works of art within half a day. I recently had such fortune and was able to visit the Dallas Arts District in hopes of knocking it off my list as well as experiencing some amazing artistry. This is easily doable, even in a short time span, because the district’s three heavyweights, the DMA, Crow Collection, and Nasher Sculpture Center are within a block of each other. With my time in the city, I decided to peruse all three, and tell you what I thought. We’ll examine which ones I thought were the best, and which ones you can skip with limited time. Each will be examined in an individual post, and summed up in the end with a full review of the Location as well as a star rating for it as a whole.

Now get ready and see Will Travel to Dallas, Texas.

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