Fort Worth Side Trip: Modern Art Museum

The aptly-named Modern Art Museum has a lovely courtyard with a rippling lake along the side, which moves every time a breeze runs across. We entered the museum on Friday night, when admissions for the lower floor are free.

Andy Warhol’s “Twenty-Five Colored Marilyns,” 1962

Modern art is not my specialty, but I went in with an open mind. There was a great Andy Warhol one of the iconic Marilyn Monroe pop art drawings, as well as a weird light show exhibit with LED words spanning the floor. Sadly, I found most of the artworks lacking in substance and imagination. Several of the “paintings” were simply canvasses with a layer of grey or beige painted over them. And there was one piece which was just a fluorescent light tube. So I guess that by that token, any basic electrician can be a modern artist?


There was also a huge pile of oil or singed cake icing or something in the corner. That was strange. It looked like that bad CGI tar monster from “Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.” I just don’t get what it’s trying to say, or if in fact it even makes an attempt to make a statement.


Out back, there was a special statue, which reminded me of one of those vinyl figures Disney makes. This is “Clean Slate” by a guy named Kaws. It looks like Mickey Mouse has murdered two smaller Mickey Mice and is dragging them to his lair to cannibalize them. I guess you get a clean slate by eating people?


In all, I give this place a 3/5 Stars, just for the architecture and the Andy Warhol painting. I feel most of the art lacked substance, or painting or technical skill. They all have the most basic of detail, and it wasn’t thought-provoking. I really don’t have anymore to say about it.

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