Operation Yucatan Overview

Within a few weeks, I’ll be embarking on a nine-day voyage across the Gulf of Mexico to the lands of the Maya. Leaving from Fort Worth and making stops in Shreveport, Louisiana and the real-life Saint Denis, also known as New Orleans, we’ll be hopping the Norwegian cruise ship, Breakaway, for a cruise. After a day at sea in the Gulf of Mexico, we’ll cross the Yucatan Channel and dock in Cozumel.

Operation Yucatan Projected Route

During our day in Cozumel, we’ll be hopping a ferry and bus onto the Mexican mainland to visit Chichen Itza, the most enigmatic and famed Maya ruin renowned since the days of Stephens and Catherwood. Back on board, the Breakaway will sail south and for the first time, WillTravel will set foot in Central America.*

*Disclaimer: I know you’re thinking: “Will, Mexico is in Central America, and why are you so stupid-” ahem. Actually, while people associate the Yucatan with Central America, Mexico is actually part of North America, with the US and Canada. And the Caribbean and Central America are also part of North America. Yeah, it’s confusing. But if you say Cozumel’s in Central America, I would understand.

Yes, avid readers, my first sojourn into Central America will be at Belize City, the largest, one-time capital city of Belize, the only English-speaking country in Central America. Since all of our activities onshore will only be scheduled when we board, I don’t have any plans for this port, but there’s a good chance we will see the Mesoamerican Reef, the second-largest coral reef on the planet- second only to Australia. The next day we’ll make port at Harvest Caye, Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island, home to beaches and proximity to the mainland.

Lastly, the Breakaway will make port in Mexico once more at Mahahual, or Costa Maya, or as I call it, That-Town-With-Tacky-Shops-I-Saw-Those-Fake-Mayan-Ruins-At-Which-At-The-Time-I-Thought-Were-Real-Because-I-Was-Just-A-Kid-Town. I don’t know if we’ll even get off there, but recent videos I’ve done for research show improvements since my last visit. We shall see. And review it.

Comment, subscribe, and tune in because the reviews will come in quickly- and detailed. Sit back and watch Will Travel to Louisiana and Mesoamerica.

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