Operation Yucatan: The Art Gallery Aboard the Norwegian Breakaway

The Norwegian Breakaway has daily art auctions within its comedy club, which by day is converted into a full-blown auction hall with numerous works of art provided by Park West Galleries. Here you can view and possibly purchase various pieces including those by Thomas Kincaid, Andrew Bone, and others. There was even a small sketch accredited to Rembrandt!

But the most important of these artists on board is Peter Max, who has a huge presence on board. This is because he designed the paint job, decorating the hull of the Norwegian Breakaway itself with colors and styles bringing out a pop-style representation of New York, the artist’s home base. Because of this, when the Breakaway launched, it did cruises exclusively out of New York for a year.

A replica of the Breakaway with Max’s design on a background of linoleum counter.

The art auctioneer here tells you all about Max’s career. While unknown to me at the time, Peter Max emerged as a major artist in the sixties and seventies. Max uses bright colors and contrasting lines to create art that is recognizable, yet has an abstract aesthetic to it.


One of Peter Max’s most well-known pieces is “The Umbrella Man,” surreal and bright artwork. His style is unique and avoids many of the pitfalls I find in modern art.

The art auctioneer claimed that in twenty years, we will hold Peter Max at the same level acclaim as we do Andy Warhol. They were both pioneers of movements that were both colorful and meaningful.

Should you ride on the Breakaway, spend some time in the art auction. You can learn a lot, and if you have the motivation and the wallet, you can come away with your own Peter Max.

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