Fort Worth Side Trip: Christian Arts Museum

A secluded, hidden museum outside of downtown Fort Worth, the Christian Arts Museum is a nice diversion from the busy economic center of the city. Largely unknown and obscure, it’s a quiet, charming little place to learn about the art of Christianity.

The guide was very nice, and it was like having a private tour for ourselves. There is a collection of paintings, one for each disciple, made by a local artist. They give you a detailed guidebook to the designs of crosses, ranging from the Crusaders to Maltese to the Byzantines.


But the main attractions is the life-sized, wax replica of the Last Supper. An exact copy of Leonardo Da Vinci’s iconic mural, thirteen wax statues were created by a pair of Germans living in California. Their looks and postures are lifelike. Their bodies are made of papier-mache, the eyes are made of glass similar to the ones used as medical prosthetics, and each disciple has real human hair- up to 40,000 strands on each head.


Each disciple has specific examples of body language. The most apparent is of Judas, who clutches the thirty pieces of silver won for betraying Christ. Out of stress he has gulped down his whole glass of wine, and has spilled his salt shaker. These minute details, created entirely of wax, do the original mural justice.


While it boasts a small collection of artifacts, the Christian Arts Museum earns a pleasant 3/5 Stars.

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