Operation Aqueduct: The Medical Town

Montpellier, our tour guide said, is considered a "young" French city,  because it's only been around for a millennium. This city, having the closest airport to Nîmes, is in the southeast corner of France, is a transport hub between Spain and the French Riviera. For this day trip, I was apprehensive, because in prior research, … Continue reading Operation Aqueduct: The Medical Town

Operation Transatlantic: Drowning in Tourists at the Louvre

You're traveling through another dimension. A dimension of sight, a dimension of sound, a dimension of mind. A place of things and ideas. A dimension devoid of logic, devoid of organization, and where sensibility is a concept as abstract as a Picasso painting. A dimension full of mystery, intrigue, where anything can happen and men … Continue reading Operation Transatlantic: Drowning in Tourists at the Louvre

Operation Transatlantic: Under the Channel

Austin Airport was so poorly organized that it was an embarrassment. I will admit they did have a substantial choice of dining options and convenient shops, however we took issue with the gates. The problem was, they put two London-bound gates together; one for London Gatwick (our destination,) and one for London Heathrow. There were … Continue reading Operation Transatlantic: Under the Channel

Operation Aqueduct: The Land of Horses and Bulls

From Nîmes the youth delegation and the French entourage boarded a tour bus and embarked on the hour-long drive to the Camargue, one of Europe's most important ecosystems. The Camargue is a huge area of swamps, marshlands, and wetlands spanning a sizable amount of Southwest France. While on a map it appears politically part of … Continue reading Operation Aqueduct: The Land of Horses and Bulls

Operation Transatlantic Journey Overview

I recently returned from a two-week trip that brought me to three countries, numerous monuments, and a lengthy overland segment. This was my second time in Europe, and it was astounding. In this overview, I'll be speaking about our itinerary and some of the biggest sections of the trip. Departing from Austin, Texas, I boarded … Continue reading Operation Transatlantic Journey Overview